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Humans and chimps are gone. It's time for the next most intelligent animals to step up to the plate: Big Cats. The cats now rule all of earth. Become stronger as a cat and push your species forward in the hustle for territory! Hunt to grow stronger and to survive. Which will YOU pick? Which is best for YOU? Find out. This is completely realtime, chatbased role play. Any other roleplays will be found and exterminated.

You must pick a species in the hustle. You may choose one of the major cats. Lions of open woodlands, tigers, of the water, leopards, in deeper woods, jaguars, of tropical rainforest. However, if you pick one of these, prepare to become a villain! There are also several smaller cats available and these are the main heroes of the plot.The pro is, It is exciting to try to battle the big tribes to gain some territory of your own, if you are a strapping youngster that's bold and looking for adventure. How ever, this is not for the faint-hearted. For those of you that faint at the the sight of blood, try climbing through the ranks through challenges. But I digress. Anyway, here are the smaller cat species. But, anyway, no domestic cats!!! It's called "Big Cats" for a reason. Any domestic cat shall be killed.

Cheetahs (grassland)

cougar (Anywhere you choose)

Serval ( Open woodland savanna. Snag those tasty birdies!)

Lynx ( tundra)

bobcat ( savanna)

caracal forest

Ocelots jungle

Sand Cats desert

Snow Leopards mountains.

Asian fishing cats rivers and streams

Margay jungles

jungle cats 🐱 swamps and reed beds ( despite the name jungle cats hate 🌳)

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